We’ve talked in previous blogs about using power strips to save energy, but there is a new generation of power strips that can take some of the hassle away from the traditional switch-style power strips. They’re called “smart” power strips. To help you decide which type is best for you, we’ve outlined the three main categories:

  • Timer-equipped. Smart power strips enabled with timers shut off at a designated time. This type is great for areas with electronics that you don’t need on all the time like gaming devices. It may, however, not be the best choice for a DVR or other on-demand devices.Hand putting plug in extension cord isolated on white a background
  • Current-sensing. These power strips sense when an object is in “sleep” or “standby” mode. These types work well for computer monitors or printers.
  • Occupancy-sensing. Strips with this feature monitors motion in rooms. The time is defined by the user so you could adjust it to shut off anywhere from 30 seconds of inactivity to up to an hour. This type is great for lamps.

Now that you know the three main types of smart power strips, visit your local home improvement store to make your purchase and watch the savings roll in! View more energy saving tips at ConsumersEnergy.com/myhome.

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