EV charging infrastructure has never been better, and yet the fear of fast charging options still holds many potential EV drivers back from buying an EV, and many EV drivers from taking an electric road trip. We know, saying electric road trips are easy in Michigan is contrary to what many headlines read, but there are plenty of EV drivers averaging over 20,000 miles per year who know it’s true.

Fast charging infrastructure has come a long way in just a few years. In 2020, charging options stopped just north of Lansing and Grand Rapids. Fast forward to 2024 and we have seen huge improvements in charging options in Michigan—and it’s only getting better!

In the next few years, National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) funded fast chargers will roll out every 50 miles along Michigan’s 4-lane highways, further infilling this map. Plus, several Tesla Supercharger locations will open to non-Tesla EVs this year. In fact, Ford drivers are already getting access to select Superchargers with other manufacturers soon to follow, and magic dock locations are already operating in Mackinaw City and Ypsilanti.

Consumers Energy’s PowerMIDrive didn’t help install all the new fast chargers shown on the PlugShare screenshot, but for 60 of them we did! In fact, as part of the National Electric Highway Coalition (NEHC) we are second in the nation for helping get fast chargers in the ground. Now that’s a commitment to enabling the future of clean transportation!

Consider that most EVs today can go about 200 miles or more at interstate speeds, which is nearly three hours of driving. Taking a stretch break every three hours or less is healthy and safer anyway. Plus, EVs can go even further on the slower, scenic backroads to your favorite state park (drag increases with velocity squared after all). It’s less than 300 miles from Kalamazoo to Traverse City, less than 200 miles from Lansing to Traverse City, and less than 200 miles from Flint to Ludington.

So, pick one or two of these fast chargers along your route via PlugShare and hit the road! Remember to leave a check-in on PlugShare while charging to help other EV drivers and tell your friends and family about how easy it is to EV road trip. It also wouldn’t hurt to encourage the hotels and campgrounds you stay at to install overnight Level 2 destination chargers (yes we have a rebate for that too). Don’t be afraid to go and enjoy pure Michigan summer vacations with your electric vehicle!