During power outages, anything can happen. Consumers Energy wants to make sure customers and employees are as safe as possible no matter the weather or circumstance. From life support needs to restoration updates, you can find safety tips and videos at www.ConsumersEnergy.com/outagecenter.

7 Tips To Get Out of an Elevator Safely during a Power Outage

If there is a power outage while you’re in an elevator, don’t panic. Follow these seven instructions to get out as safely as possible:

  1. Follow Procedures Posted in Elevator: If you’re trapped in an elevator, always read the instructions posted inside.
  2. Press the “Open” Button: If you’re close to a specific floor or elevator landing, press the “open” button and exit with caution. The elevator may not be perfectly level with the floor or landing.
  3. Press the “Alarm” or “Help” Button: Within minutes, trained personnel should be able to respond.
  4. Use the Elevator’s Telephone: Some elevators include a telephone or two-way speaker system. You can attempt to make a call to emergency personnel.
  5. Attract Attention: Every couple minutes, yell for help or bang on the elevator door to give others a chance to hear you need help.
  6. Wait for Help: You should never try to escape through a partially opened door or a ceiling door. Wait calmly for trained emergency personnel to assist you.
  7. Take the Stairs: If you can, avoid using an elevator to get to the first floor during a storm or outage.

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