We know electric vehicles can help the environment with their zero tailpipe emissions and smaller carbon footprint. But they can also help our local businesses go green by saving money. Such is the case for Balkema Sitework and Development, an excavating contractor in Kalamazoo.

Balkema Sitework has started electrifying their fleet of vehicles through our PowerMIFleet program. PowerMIFleet is designed to help businesses reduce operating cost, eliminate emissions, and simplify vehicle maintenance by transitioning to electric vehicles.

PowerMIFleet helps install new Level 2 and Direct Current (DC) Fast chargers based on a businesses’ needs.

The PowerMIFleet program offers charger rebates of:

  • Up to $5,000 per Level 2 Charge Port (limit 10 per site)
  • Up to $35,000 per non-public DC Fast Charger
  • Up to $70,000 per public-use DC Fast Charger

Josh Balkema,Senior Estimator for Balkema Sitework and Development, took the lead on transitioning their fleet from gas combustion engines to electric vehicles.

“For us, we considered a number of factors and determined it was good for our business to make the leap. We looked at the performance figures on new EVs, saw that range was improving, and factored in how reduced maintenance costs would help us save money over time,” said Balkema. “It was a no-brainer to electrify our fleet.”

Balkema Sitework currently has about half a dozen EVs in their fleet with more on the way.

“We didn’t have any EVs as part of our fleet before we got involved with the PowerMIFleet program,” Balkema said. “We’re excited. The cost-savings was a huge factor. And we’re now able to offer green landscaping as a selling point to customers, too. This was a good business decision.”

Balkema came across information about PowerMIFleet and started to learn more about the program. He worked with Consumers Energy who walked him through the process, determined what they would need to electrify their fleet, helped them understand their energy usage, and explained what rebates were available. He said the entire process took about six months.

“The rebates offered through PowerMIFleet were certainly appealing for us,” Balkema said. “I’d say if you want to learn more about adding EVs to your business, I’d recommend the program and getting the ball rolling.”

Through the PowerMIFleet program, we will pay for, own and maintain all electric infrastructure from the transformer to the customer’s meter (TTM).

As part of these “make ready” upgrades, we will construct new or upgrade existing TTM infrastructure to ensure your site is ready to power your fleet EV chargers.

The program supports on and off-road fleet vehicles, including light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles.

If you are interested in learning more about the PowerMIFleet program, visit ConsumerEnergy.com/PowerMIFleet.