Every town deserves access to reliable energy – no matter the size. And the latest stop on our Reliability Roadmap proves just that. 

In a small Arenac County neighborhood, our crews have been hard at work burying power lines to improve electric reliability for 20 residents who call the area home.  

“This work excites me because it provides customers with fewer outages – and if we do have outages, it shortens the amount of time customers are without power,” said Jerrod Johnson, electric underground manager. 

By burying the power lines, we get ahead of the weather and reduce the impact of worsening weather patterns across Michigan.  

Our long-term goal: a future where no outage affects more than 100,000 customers or lasts more than 24 hours. 

Undergrounding is an important part of making that goal a reality. In fact, some energy providers have shown a 90% reliability improvement in areas where lines were buried. And it’s all part of our Reliability Roadmap, a blueprint to meet the evolving needs of our customers and react quickly when something goes wrong.  

In Arenac County, our crews will be burying overhead power lines just south of Standish, Mich. along Palmer Road east from City Limits Road through June and most of July. We’re letting customers know to expect brief power interruptions as work is completed and re-enforcing the importance of staying safe by asking motorists in the area to slow down and go around Consumers Energy trucks. 

While the work can cause minor inconveniences in the short-term, customers are responding positively to our efforts.  

Bradley Mason, city manager for Standish, said nearby residents were thrilled to know reliability improvements were coming their way. 

“When they found out we were burying lines, they were just over the moon,” said Mason. “It will alleviate a lot of problems. Consumers Energy taking the initiative to go underground will pay dividends for our area.” 

See the team in action by checking out our latest Reliability Roadmap video.  

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