Our team will be on the ground into Wednesday evening as restoration work continues following Tuesday’s devastating tornadoes. And Wednesday afternoon, they were also in the sky as our helicopter crew flew over several areas crippled by the storms.

The helicopter allows crews to get a better view of the damage, expediting restoration plans and helping to get our customers back up and running as safely as possible. It’s also just one of the tools at our disposal to help guide the Reliability Roadmap – our blueprint for serving Michigan today while investing and innovating to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Tommy Webb, Senior Engineer Tech Analyst and helicopter crew member, said the amount of damage they saw from the air was unnerving.

“I couldn’t believe it – those were some devastating tornadoes,” he said. “Trees were just shredded and some of our poles look like they were handled like toothpicks and the wires look like they were treated like thread.”

Webb said it was important to get up in the chopper immediately in the Bronson and Kalamazoo areas to get much needed information back to the crews in real time.

“We all work together when it comes to not only keeping our lights on in our communities but when the situation turns grim, like it did today, our goal is to get people’s power back on as soon as possible,” he said. “Mother Nature did a number on us, but I have no doubt that the crews will have power back up and running as soon as safely possible. We just wanted to do our part to help them.”

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