By; Brian Barthelmes

As Michigan’s largest energy provider, we are committed to powering our state’s prosperity. That commitment got a major boost in late 2021 when we introduced a brand-new economic development rate. Approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission, the rate promotes the rapid growth of automotive, electric vehicle and advanced manufacturing industries.


We help create economic opportunity with our deep relationships with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and local development agencies. No matter how a business begins selecting a new location to put down roots, we’re at their side to understand the company’s long-term goals and provide tools beyond energy service, with a focus on growth and prosperity. We are proud to be able to connect all the dots: talent pipeline, tax incentives, electric rates, sustainability, natural resources and more. 

Attracting businesses to Michigan and keeping them here means keeping upfront and ongoing energy costs competitive. With a growing array of Energy Ready sites, our goal is competitively priced — or potentially zero upfront cost —energy infrastructure for business customers. When it comes to keeping energy costs low over the long haul, our energy efficiency incentives for current and planned upgrades have saved customers more than $4 billion since 2009.

We’re also working to build a clean energy future for Michigan. We want to help businesses of all sizes and in all industries harness clean energy’s benefits to their operations, their bottom lines and, most importantly, their customers.  

Leading the Clean Energy Transformation 

We want you to use LESS of our product – and be a force of change. That’s the centerpiece of our clean energy transformation. The plan ensures the company will: 

  • Be among the first utilities in the nation to go coal-free by 2025
  • Use 90% clean energy resources by 2040 
  • Add nearly 8,000 megawatts of owned and contracted solar energy to power Michigan’s homes and businesses by 2040 
  • Stay on the path to achieve net zero carbon emissions 
  • Save customers about $650 million through 2040 

We’re also serving 1.8 million customers with a natural gas system that’s safe, reliable, affordable and clean. The 10-year plan includes accelerating replacement of aging pipe, rehabilitating or retiring outdated infrastructure, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, working to achieve net zero methane emissions by 2030 and helping customers and suppliers achieve similar sustainability goals. 

Driving Michigan’s EV Future 

Powering the state that helped put the world on wheels, we are also committed to powering an electric vehicle (EV) future. Over the next three years, we plan to support installation of at least 200 public fast charging locations, and more than 2,000 chargers in homes and businesses powering EVs across Michigan. In fact, our goal is to have our state’s charging infrastructure ready to power up to 1 million EVs on Michigan roads by 2030.

Michigan is renowned for its automotive history, and as manufacturers continue to make bold all-electric commitments, Michigan drivers can count on us to help customers make the EV transition simple and value-driven via its residential and public PowerMIDrive and business PowerMIFleet programs.

Building a Better Future Together 

Our commitment to clean energy includes partners in nearly every industry, including energy-intensive manufacturing. In 2021, Melling Engine Parts saved over 990,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy use in its manufacturing facilities with the help of our business team.

Mike Morse, Melling’s vice president of manufacturing, spoke about the Large Business Partner Program’s impact at Melling. “We are always looking for ways to continuously improve, and this program gave us that opportunity,” said Melling.

Complimentary walkthroughs, subsidized energy efficiency equipment, installation and a competitive economic rate saves the Jackson-based manufacturer over $110,000 in energy costs every year. “I highly recommend working with Consumers Energy. You get high-level experienced people who know the right thing to do,” Morse added.

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