Scott Bradley is a busy man. At Consumers Energy, he’s a lineworker in charge based in our Adrian Service Center. At home, he’s everything you would expect a good father to be and a travel baseball coach.

“Life gets to be a little busy during baseball season, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” says Bradley.

He started coaching travel baseball when his eldest son became serious about playing. It’s a way for him to spend time with his kids, something he makes a priority even in the off-season.

Unless there is a storm. Then his priorities shift, and he is on duty as needed to help restore power quickly and safely to the communities he serves. It’s a situation he and his wife Lisa understood when he started working for Consumers Energy in 2002.

When his four kids were small, they didn’t always understand why dad had to leave for work and why he would be gone for several days at a time. As they’ve grown older, they understand why their father sometimes puts in long hours.

“As a father, you always want to give your kids more than you ever had,” says Bradley. “This job has given me the opportunity to do that for them.”

The work he does for Consumers Energy also plays a role in how he coaches on the baseball diamond. On the field, not everyone has all-star talent, but everyone has an important role to play, so he expects 100% effort 100% of the time. With his Consumers Energy crew, the apprentices are still learning – but they have an important role to play, and their teammates deserve their best effort.

That effort is needed because of the relentless focus our crews have on safety. “At work, everybody understands it’s not just about themselves. It’s about my fellow crew members, it’s about my teammates. But everyone understands that it always starts with themselves,” he says.

Before Bradley started working for Consumers Energy, he worked for a pipefitting shop for a few years. He decided to work toward becoming a lineworker so he could work outside and serve his community. He knew he would have a demanding job that would sometimes take him away from his cherished family time. But he also knew it would be a rewarding job that would help him put his kids through college, with two at Grand Valley State University, one at Michigan State University and his youngest starting at the University of Michigan this fall.

He wouldn’t change a thing, but he hopes his kids will always remember his why.

“Hopefully, they know I always want to do the right thing. I do it for them. Everything I do has a meaning, and it’s always putting our family first. Even working storm, it’s always for you, it’s always for family.”

Today, we recognize and honor the fathers, stepfathers, and father figures that give you plenty of reasons to count on us. Happy Father’s Day!