Reducing energy waste means using, and paying for, only what you need to power your life. Since you can’t usually see energy in your home, it can be hard to recognize how much you’re losing and where. If your vehicle was leaking fluid, you’d know right away and fix it as quickly as possible. You certainly don’t want to keep dumping in more to keep the engine running as the dollars add up. So why should your home be any different?  

With more than 100 ways to save on your natural gas and electric bill, there is no time like today to start conserving energy. In fact, the daily temperature swings of fall provide the perfect conditions to find new ways to use less energy all year.  

To help you get started, we’re sharing our best tips to make sure your season is all treats and no tricks.  

  1. Our energy experts will look for areas you may be losing energy without realizing it and provide a custom plan for your home or business. We’ll even install free energy savers right then and there, such as faucet aerators, LEDs, pipe wraps and more. Visit to sign up.  
  2. Cook efficiently: With school back in session, tailgating season underway and big holidays on the horizon, you can save precious time as well as money when feeding your household. From putting lids on pots and pans to hold in heat to using crockpots, air fryers and other small appliances, small changes to meal planning will keep your belly and wallet happy.  
  3. Check your water heater: If your water would be characterized as ‘scalding’, you can dial it down a few degrees and save. If you like the scalding shower and aren’t willing to give up a few degrees, verify your water heater isn’t leaking and pipes are well insulated.  
  4. Stop the leaks: Up to 50% of your heat may be escaping right under your eyes through window seals, electric outlets and uninsulated floors, walls and ceilings. That doesn’t mean major home improvements are needed. Window caulk, rugs and safety plugs will keep your home comfortable whether it’s 80 or 30 degrees – maybe on the same day.  
  5. Do you have vampires? They often are seen at night and may even sparkle, but all will drain valuable power from your home. Avoid the bite of an unnecessarily high energy bill by looking for lights that remain on when your device is off, such as TVs, phone charges, computers and monitors, and plug in to smart plugs, power strips or other tools to help you banish them for good – without all that garlic. All puns aside, this is one we’ll stake our reputation on.  
  6. BONUS TIP: Hey, sometimes a deal is so good you can’t help but share. You can get two free smart power strips for every smart thermostat you order through our online store this fall – for as little as $0 plus shipping! Check it out at and save up to $150 annually! 

As we work to preserve Michigan for generations to come with our clean energy transformation, helping you get the most out of your energy service is one way we’re proud to be a force for you.  

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