We recently announced an agreement that will add 100 megawatts of battery storage to our clean energy arsenal through a partnership with Jupiter Power. The agreement represents a significant milestone toward our goal of reaching 550 megawatts of storage capacity by 2040.

“Battery storage is a critical part of our Clean Energy Plan, improving efficiency and boosting reliability during the transition away from coal to renewable fuel sources such as solar and wind,” said David Hicks, vice president of clean energy development. “We look forward to partnering with Jupiter to meet this need as we continue the journey to achieve our ambitious clean energy goals.”

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) store and distribute energy harnessed from renewable sources like wind and solar, allowing for more energy capture and reducing the overall cost of electricity. When used in concert with energy efficiency improvements, demand response and grid modernization work, BESS will accelerate the renewable energy transition without sacrificing affordability or a reliable grid.

“As an early investor in the development of battery energy storage projects in Michigan, Jupiter is thrilled to provide Consumers with cost-competitive energy storage solutions that help Consumers meet its storage and clean energy goals,” said Sam Malin, Jupiter’s Vice President of Origination. “Jupiter’s long-term 100MW power purchase agreement with Consumers represents our investment in dispatchable battery energy storage in Michigan, complimenting the State’s wind, solar, and traditional resources to deliver reliable power.”

While we have plans to develop 75 megawatts of our own storage by 2027, the facility built in partnership with Jupiter Power will add to a growing number of storage systems already operational across the state, including ones in Kalamazoo, Cadillac, Grand Rapids and Standish.

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