Central Michigan University alumnus and father of three, Roger Morgenstern has played a key role in bridging Consumers Energy with the communities we serve. In addition to being the company spokesperson in West Michigan, Morgenstern’s role as Senior Public Information Director involves leading communications efforts for internal storm operations and planning. “The most rewarding part about my job is doing my part to provide vital information for neighbors in Michigan.”

Here are five things you may not know about Consumers Energy storm planning:

1. The safety of our customers and employees is top priority.

It’s our job to keep Michigan safe. After a storm:

  • Never run a generator in an enclosed area (garages, basements, breezeways)
  • Stay at least 25 feet away from downed wires and report them to 9-1-1 and us at 1-800-477-5050
  • Slow down and go around when you see our crews working

2. We’ve invested in our electric system to speed up restoration times.

We’ve invested nearly $450 million in the last five years to improve our electric system and will continue to do more to provide you with the energy you need, whenever you need it.

3. No area is immune to outages.

Every storm is different. The likelihood of an outage depends on factors such as storm duration and severity, including wind speed. Even areas with underground power lines can experience outages due to flooding or lightning. The best thing you can do for your loved ones is to stay one step ahead.

4. Estimated restoration times may change as restorations work gets underway.

When an outage occurs, we understand that you want to know your estimated restoration time as quickly as possible. Sometimes it takes our crews longer to fully assess damages, especially if weather conditions change. View your up-to-date restoration time at

5. Our best storm defense is to play offense.

36 to 48 hours before an impending storm, Consumers Energy identifies areas with the highest number of potential outages to deploy staff and resources. When Mother Nature hits hard, you can count on our crews to hit back harder.

For storm preparation tips and to sign up for outage alerts, visit