With the focus on keeping employees and customers safe during COVID-19, Saginaw Trail Pipeline workers continued to demonstrate that caring and safety also extends to woodland creatures.

While removing trees from the construction path of the Saginaw Trail Pipeline within the Kensington Metropark, one tree was found to be occupied. Consumers Energy contract employees John Iocca and Evan Drouare saw a mother raccoon and several babies peering out from within a tree log and they immediately stopped the job.

After discussing several alternate ideas with pipeline environmental engineer Lindsey Johnson, the team eventually decided to relocate the section of a tree that housed the raccoon family. Machinery called a skid steer was used to carefully pick up the section of a tree and move it to a quiet location outside the pipeline path. Mama and babies were monitored and made the ride just fine.

“I am just so proud of John and the team for their leadership and compassion. It would have been easy to ignore the raccoons and continue working, but the team did the right thing. We were able to make sure this four-legged family has a safe home during pipeline construction,” Lindsey said.

Construction of the fourth and final phase of the $610 million Saginaw Trail Pipeline will begin in May, with 28 miles of pipeline being installed in Genesee and Oakland Counties. The pipeline will be completed in time for the winter heating season and is considered a critical and essential energy project for our company.