If you’re planning a road trip across Michigan in your electric vehicle (EV), you can count on us to power your drive with 35 fast charging stations spanning 250 miles from Jackson to Mackinaw City. We plan for that number to increase to 200 by 2024.

“The heart of our country’s auto industry is right here in Michigan, and Consumers Energy is excited to help our state lead the way into a clean automotive future,” said Lauren Youngdahl Snyder, Consumers Energy’s vice president of customer experience. “Fast charging means EV owners can power their vehicles wherever they travel across Michigan, and their options are growing by the day.”

Since the launch of our PowerMIDrive program less than two years ago, we have provided over 600 rebates for home, business and public charging stations that make electric vehicle ownership convenient and affordable. Those rebates include the 24 fast charging locations. We plan to offer rebates for another 170 fast charging stations and over 2,000 residential and business locations in the next three years. Learn more at ConsumersEnergy.com/PowerMIDrive.

Charging Station Fast Facts:

  • Open to the public (Tesla owners use their own plug adapter.)
  • Can fully power a vehicle’s battery in less than an hour.
  • Another dozen should start operating in the next six months.
  • Site hosts may bill users for charging.
  • Currently supporting ChargePoint & Enel X networks; expanding to others in the future.

What about cross-country traveling? We’re helping power that too! We are part of a coalition of Midwest energy providers – recently expanded to 10 companies – committed to long-range EV charging. Electric vehicle owners will have the fast charging network to fully power the 1,300-mile drive from Mackinac City to the Colorado border by 2022.

“We know electric vehicles still make up a small number of cars on the road, but that’s changing quickly,” Youngdahl Snyder said. “EV sales are growing by over 20% each year as more people commit to a clean, affordable automotive future, and Consumers Energy is building the infrastructure to make sure more electric vehicles can hit the road.”