With experience in the entertainment, government and energy industries, it’s safe to say Roger Curtis, vice president of public affairs for Consumers Energy, has had a robust career. He’s found a way to lead some of the biggest companies in Michigan while still staying true to himself. In the following, Roger shares three tips on how aspiring professionals can land their dream job.

Roger’s Tips on Landing Your Dream Job

1. Know what you want. A lot of youth aren’t aware of the spectrum of careers available to them. Take time to explore different career options before spending money to pursue a career path. When you know what you want to do, pursue it with passion, vigor and determination.

2. Pursue it passionately. After college, I wanted to pursue NASCAR®, but had no connections in the industry. I phoned every contact I could find online and in print publications to make my “elevator pitch.” I even offered to work for free until I built a network. Eventually, I found a mentor who helped me find a job because people were starting to leverage my skillset. A lot of people gave me a chance because they saw I was genuine about my career aspirations.

3. Embrace change. Passion and the right skillset are traits that translate into any job industry. Many people pigeonhole themselves into a specific industry, but you should always be ready to pivot and pursue new opportunities.

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