By: Jodie Solari

We believe in a cleaner, greener future where you have more choices about how to use energy and how to save it.  

During the month of April, we want to remind you of all the ways you can make every day Earth Day.

Small changes can make a big difference, in your home and across the planet. Here a are a few options to help you get started today:

The Program: CE Online Store deals for Smart thermostats and LED lighting

Who is eligible: All customers

The details:

Smart Thermostat: The new Google Nest thermostat is on sale April 8 – May 12! visit the Consumer Energy Store to shop our Earth Day sales on smart thermostats. Eligible electric and combo customers who choose to enroll in the Smart Thermostat program will receive a free Google Nest and Nest Hub!

LED Lighting: Celebrate Earth Month by visiting our LED Lighting collection sale that includes a variety of bulbs including standard LEDs, recessed lighting and flood lights. Customers can enjoy the sale price plus the instant rebate, making this a very affordable way to save energy. Get started here.

What customers are saying about the Smart Thermostat program:

“While I received notification, I did not even notice any changes made to my temperature setting. I think this sort of program is crucial to stem climate change.”

“It was helpful to the environment and totally painless to me. Everything should be so easy.”

“I wish everyone would enroll to increase the collective impact. I’m proud to be able to help.”

The Program: Home Energy Analysis

Who is eligible: All customers

The details: Get a free analysis of your home’s energy use plus free energy savings measures. To celebrate Earth Day, in April, receive a FREE smart plug. Schedule today!

What customers are saying about the Home Energy Analysis:

“The new thermostat has made a world of difference in the comfort of my home by creating more consistent heating. The technician also showed me how to regulate the humidity which has also made a considerable impact on my comfort. He installed LED light bulbs, provided night lights and a carbon monoxide detector. He was thorough and respectful while he was in my home. I appreciate having the written report to refer back to.”

“The technician who came to my home was very professional and polite. He was diligent in explaining everything as he went along, and I was really pleased with the changes he recommended we make. I was wondering how I could save on the water bill and within minutes of the gentleman being present, I knew how I could! I am so thankful that this program exists and that I decided to get the analysis.”

“I loved that I could see where my house would benefit from having more insulation. It was a great experience.”

The Program: ENERGY STAR® Appliance Rebates

Who is eligible: All customers, depending on appliance

The details: You can receive rebates on a variety of ENERGY STAR® appliances, including washing machines, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and more! Visit to learn more and submit a rebate.

By 2040, we plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions and meet 90 percent of Michigan’s energy needs with clean resources. We believe if we work together, we can create a future of reliable clean energy and protect the environment we love.

Find more ways to celebrate Earth Month at home.

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