Photo: Brandon serving as a guest panelist at a recent Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council event.

Classes have just begun but graduation is already on the minds of many college seniors across the country. With graduation comes the question, “what do I do now?” Brandon Hofmeister, senior vice president of governmental, regulatory and public affairs for Consumers Energy has some guidance for those embarking on their next life journey.

Brandon’s Career Advice for Graduating Seniors:

  1. Be open to new opportunities. “It’s impossible to plan a career from college to retirement. You have to make the best decision for your next step based on the options you have at the moment. Your life is going to evolve and your plans are going to change, so do what you’re passionate about and don’t overthink your next step.”
  1. Follow the Golden Rule – especially under pressure. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Almost any job comes with pressures, conflicting views, and stress. But whatever business problem you have, your life will be made much easier by putting yourself in the shoes of others with whom you work, treating people well, and building trust. In the long-run, your reputation and the way you interact with people can be more important than the way you perform on any given day.”
  1. Create a great first impression. “When you first start a job, make sure you work hard to create a first impression of someone that’s reliable, hard-working, and collaborative. It’s important to show that you deliver value and take the initiative to exceed expectations when given the opportunity. Your reputation can be made surprisingly early and it can stick with you for many years, so you should work to create that impression intentionally.”

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