Reducing your energy use can help protect the planet. It can also help your bank account. Are you interested in saving energy and money this spring? We have tips, rebates and programs that can help with that. Keep reading to spring into savings today!

Keep Your Cool
Simple maintenance on your AC system like cleaning or changing the filters can reduce your cooling system’s energy use by up to 15%. Cooling your house uses up to 17% of your monthly energy bill, so this can add up fast. Spring is a great time to schedule a comprehensive cooling system tune-up! We offer rebates of $65 to help with the cost. Click here to find a local comprehensive tune-up contractor. 

Slow the Flow to Save Some Dough 
Water heating accounts for around 18% of the energy used in your home. If you use less hot water, you use less energy (and save money). A good place to start is installing a low-flow shower head. The best ones (look for the EPA’s Water Sense certification) maintain plenty of water pressure while slashing your hot water use.

Get in the Know
Do you know how your home uses energy? An energy assessment can help identify problem areas – not just for cooling this summer, but also for heating during the colder months. During our Home Energy Analysis an energy expert will visit your home and give you a summary report to better understand opportunities to save energy and money at no cost to you. As a bonus, you’ll even get free on-the-spot home upgrades to make your home more energy efficient! Want to dig deeper to develop a plan to save more money on your energy bill? We’ve got more programs that can help. There are even programs for renters and help for those with little or no budget for improvements. 

Keep the Cool In and the Hot Out
Was your home chilly or drafty this winter? That’s a likely sign of air leaks. Sealing air leaks and adding insulation can save you around 10% and get you ready for cooling season. Get out that caulk gun or can of spray foam and seal up those leaky spots. Adding insulation is a cost-effective way to improve your home’s energy efficiency – and you can earn rebates to help with the cost.  

Save Energy. Save Money.
We want to help you find ways to save energy and money all around your house. Saving energy not only helps stretch your budget but also supports a more sustainable future for Michigan. Want to learn more about how you can make your home more energy efficient year-round? Just head to to see more! Some energy efficiency improvements could even earn you rebates. Visit to learn more.