Years ago, I decided to return to Spring Arbor University to earn a 4-year degree. At the time, I was working a full-time job along with another part-time job and knew that fitting school into an already demanding schedule would not be easy.

Nonetheless, I was determined to change my career path. I had worked in a number of dead-end jobs and felt I had more to offer to the job market.

One day I sat down with my wife to list important aspects in my new career including:

  • long-term stability
  • opportunities for advancement
  • excellent benefits
  • flexible scheduling
  • positive working environment

“Now where can you find a company that offers ALL these preferences?” asked my wife.  My response was swift and simple, “Consumers Energy.”

Upon graduation, I applied for a meter reader position with Consumers Energy. The method of entry was not important since I strongly believed my education, work ethic and attitude would create opportunities for advancement. When I received the job offer, my wife and I jumped around the house as if I had been selected in the NBA draft!


Starting My New Career

When I started, the first thing I noticed was long-term stability. In my previous roles, my colleagues with high seniority had an average of 3-5 years under their belt. I was blown away to find myself surrounded by those who had been with the Consumers Energy for 35-40 years!

My next order of business was to immediately take advantage of the awesome benefits; including their competitive tuition assistance program. I quickly enrolled in graduate school to complete my master’s degree and was selected as chair of a leadership committee upon my completion.

To-date, I have been with Consumers Energy for six years and have earned five job promotions along the way. My first promotion came after just four to five months. Every day I am surrounded by positive career-minded individuals, who are committed to furthering their education, personal growth and self-development.

With advancement of my career, I have always maintained a healthy work/life balance. My flexible schedule allows me to not have to choose between work and attending my daughter’s school functions.

For the first time in my career I wake up each morning full of anticipation and eager to show up to work. I can say without reservation that I have discovered everything that I have ever hoped to find in a career as an employee with Consumers Energy. I am more than proud to wear the company colors.

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