We are taking another step to power Michigan’s electric vehicle transformation with a new effort to install EV chargers at apartment buildings, condominiums and overnight community locations across the state.

“Consumers Energy is driven to provide solutions that accelerate the growth of EVs, as we plan to power up to 1 million carbon-free vehicles on Michigan roads by 2030,” said Lauren Snyder, vice president of customer experience. “By focusing on multifamily and community charging, we’re adding another piece of the puzzle that removes barriers for drivers making the switch to EVs.”

Our PowerMIDrive program will actively focus on providing rebates for EV chargers at apartments and other multifamily locations where vehicle owners need to charge their vehicles overnight.

The new multifamily EV charging program offers $7,500 rebates to encourage property owners to invest in overnight charging for their tenants. The community charging pilot will provide a $7,500 rebate to 25 Michigan municipalities that install a charger in public parking lots or curbside locations, with a focus on places within one block of multifamily properties.

“Consumers Energy is committed to making EV ownership and charging available to everyone,” Snyder said. “That includes providing equitable access to EV charging for renters and tenants who might not have a private garage to power up at home.”

We are taking action to make EV ownership more affordable and convenient. An effort is underway to add 200 EV chargers, including 100 fast chargers, across the Lower Peninsula.

Electric vehicle sales continue to accelerate in Michigan. The number of EVs in communities we serve has tripled since the end of 2020, according to publicly available numbers from the Michigan Secretary of State.

We have installed nearly 4,000 EV chargers for homes, businesses and along roads across the Lower Peninsula. Those include nearly 40 fast chargers that can power an EV battery in a half hour.

Electric vehicles will be powered by an electric grid that is moving fast to become carbon neutral. Our Clean Energy Plan calls for eliminating coal by 2025, reducing energy waste and adding renewable energy sources. Learn more: ConsumersEnergy.com/change.

“We’re taking steps today to make sure we make our state’s EV transformation a natural one for Michiganders,” Snyder said. “We’re helping our EV drivers take advantage of the lowest rates, find convenient charging locations, and get the information they need from our advisors. It’s all about helping Michigan get ready for the next generation of clean transportation.” Learn more at ConsumersEnergy.com/overnightcharge or ConsumersEnergy.com/communitycharging.