When our crews show up at a job, they never know what they’ll find. And many times, they don’t know the impact they make when they restore power. But one Grand Rapids area family is extremely grateful our crews went above and beyond during an extremely hard time.  

“My Father passed away on Saturday, so the timing of this couldn’t be worse,” said Karina Quinn. “Our power went out Tuesday morning during the first set of storms,” she added. 

“It’s one more thing on top of everything else,” she said. That one thing? Although her neighborhood is back on, her house remained without power because a tree fell on the roof and damaged the mast, which needs to be fixed by a licensed electrician. So now on top of grieving and planning a funeral, they will also be navigating insurance claims and finding an electrician to get the mast fixed. 

Despite all of that, Quinn and family are incredibly thankful for the help of our crews and the time they took to interact with her sons. “My boys were so excited, it was something they could focus on other than being sad and missing papa,” she said. 

“It was something that we really needed and their help was so great. Now we can have some friends come over and cut up the tree and make the best of a bad situation.” 

After the crews took time to answer the boys’ (Gavin, 8 and Declan 4), questions and give hugs and high fives, Gavin said he maybe wants to be a lineworker someday.  

While Quinn’s past interactions with us have only been paying the bill, she said this one – seeing the employees really care – was special. “It was a nice little break in the sadness to have something fun and special,” she said. 

She said in the middle of a hard time they showed up and said “Hey, we hear you and know this is hard, let us help,” and that means a lot.  

“They went above and beyond to make an extremely hard situation a little easier.”