We hate to break the news, but vampires aren’t just around on Halloween. Don’t panic and bring out the garlic just yet– we’re talking about vampire appliances. They’re the small devices in your house that often stay plugged in for days, or even weeks, on end—aimlessly raising your energy bill.

Meet Your Vampire Appliances

This isn’t a nightmare or even a scary story; vampire appliances are really lurking in your household. By unplugging appliances, you will save a large amount of energy and money off your utility bill every year. A number of your most utilized devices are among the list:

  • Plasma TV
  • Computer
  • Game Console
  • Laptop
  • DVD Player
  • LCD Monitor

There is a big difference in the amount of energy used when an appliance is on, off and unplugged. To break it down: Power, which is converted into energy, is measured in watts. If one device draws 1 watt regularly for a year and its total energy consumption is 9 kilowatt-hour. That’s equal to about $1.

Above are average numbers when your appliances are on Standby. The costs are produced annually from vampire appliance; assuming 11 cents per kilowatt hour

Control the Energy Suckers

Minimize the amount of money and energy taken from your vampire appliances by:

-Using a suitable power strip to pull the plug on multiple appliances

-Unplugging your appliances safely

-Buying low standby products from ENERGYSTAR