Let’s face it, the end of summer is near. While time spent on Pure Michigan beaches and seasonal hotspots are limited, there is a family favorite you can attend year-round. Set your destination for Pure Michigan Lighthouses.

Shedding Light on Michigan Lighthouses

There are more lighthouses in Michigan than any other state, more than 115 to be exact. Although some are no longer is use, there are a number that still make a difference across the Great Lakes. Remaining lighthouses work to:

  • Guide their lights for ships
  • Serve as bed and breakfasts
  • Share ship-stories at family-friendly museums

 The Great Lakes Breakdown

Consumers Energy is proud to power Pure Michigan lighthouses in the Lower Peninsula. Add these lighthouse destinations to your bucket list:

Lake Superior has 42 lighthouses: Six lighthouses are museums and 12 are open to the public

Lake Michigan has 44 lighthouses: Seven lighthouses are museums 15 are open to the public

Lake Huron has 43 lighthouses: Three lighthouses are museums and seven are open to the public

Celebrate National Lighthouse Day by planning a trip to a Pure Michigan lighthouse today.