Every second Wednesday in May, we recognize CMS Energy Memorial Day. It’s a tradition that started out of heartbreak and tragedy after losing two co-workers in separate workplace accidents in 2018. We recognized the need to continue to learn from those losses and take steps to ensure we never experience such a tragedy again.

We know there is nothing we can do to replace the lives that were lost too soon, but we believe taking the time to remember our co-workers and their lives and recommitting to working safely every day will help us prevent another tragic loss in the future.

What you might see

During May we will display our Consumers Energy Memorial Day flag at our locations across the state. This flag was created to honor the 208 co-workers in our 138-year history who didn’t make it home to their loved ones. While the flag flies only during the month of May, co-workers carry a safety coin with a similar image as a reminder to work safely every day.

What you won’t see

What you probably won’t see are the ceremonies happening at our locations around the state where we will come together to mourn our fallen co-workers and recommit to working safely so we don’t have to ever experience a year like 2018 again. 

Hometown Heroes

Our employees do difficult and potentially dangerous work, even on the nicest of days. But they also show up and do important work in downpours, during ice storms and on blazing hot days.

And they don’t just do the job they are paid to do. We hear story after story of our crews going above and beyond to save lives. They alert customers to house fires, stop and assist at automobile accidents, and even perform CPR or other lifesaving measures on total strangers.

Our employees will continue to recommit to safety as they work diligently to keep the lights on and gas flowing for our customers across Michigan. With your help, we can make sure they go home safely to their families at the end of their shift.         

How you can support the cause

You play a big role in keeping our employees safe. While working for an energy provider is full of potentially dangerous tasks, one of the most dangerous is working on the side of the road. Remember to slow down to go around when you see our trucks and co-workers.

Learn about some of your hometown heroes here: