For 40 years Moore Trosper Construction Company has been helping  Michigan businesses –big and small – realize their dreams.

The business of nearly 100 employees does work including general contracting, construction management and design/build. Their client base includes commercial, government, healthcare, gaming and entertainment, cultural and preservation, K-12 and higher education.

They are also a supplier for Consumers Energy and have completed several recent construction projects, including the expansion of Parnall in Jackson, parking lot improvements at Adrian Service Center and the Jackson Tool Room renovation.  They are currently working on parking lot improvements in Battle Creek and a roof replacement project at One Energy Plaza in Jackson.

Brian Moore, who is co-president of the company with his brother Ted, said he looks forward to continuing the long-standing relationship with Consumers Energy. “We are looking for any opportunities that will help our diverse business grow while reinforcing our core values of being a reliable supplier that Michigan businesses can depend on,” said Moore. “Just like Consumers Energy, we want to be a leader when it comes to diversity and inclusion in Michigan.”

The company has felt the momentum of working with Consumers Energy ever since they received minority certification in 2011.

The minority designation for the Holt-based business has opened new doors for the company, said Moore. His father Harold is chief executive officer and his sister Heather is the corporate secretary.

“Our minority status has opened doors for us that may not have been available without it.” said Moore. “It goes beyond that though. We forge relationships with our clients and provide them with the quality craftmanship that we’ve built our reputation on.”

By having minority status, it helps level the playing field for businesses that offer similar services and helps introduce them to potential clients as more companies look to diversify their suppliers.

Moore Trosper received minority designation because Moore’s mother Cathy was a descendant of the Sault Saint Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians. She passed away six years ago, but her memory lives on and is a constant reminder of what the business values most.

“We embrace our Native American Heritage on a daily basis with all the work we do,” Moore said. “We incorporate tribal beliefs and values into the company’s philosophy.”

“The guiding principles of the Sault Tribe are based on the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers – to know truth through the attainment of wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, and humility,” he added. “This practice is carried over into our daily lives and drives the philosophy of our company.”

Moore Trosper is a full-service construction company with a diverse team of carpenters, laborers and cement finishers.

“We’re able to construct a new building from the ground up or renovate the interior of an existing building – whatever a client needs us to do,” Moore said.

He said the reason his company has been successful is simple: being upfront with people no matter the circumstance. That’s something that Consumers Energy strives for each day and likes to align with companies that do the same.

“You have to tell people the truth, not just what they want to hear,” he said. “Business is about relationships and being a person of your word goes a long way.”

Moore added it’s important for his company to hire diverse employees as well as subcontractors – a philosophy that mirrors Consumers Energy’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

“We are involved with a program mentoring Native Americans looking for work in construction,” Moore said. “We’re able to invest in them and help provide a lifelong career if they choose.”

Ed Clifford, Executive Director of Supply Chain at Consumers Energy said the company is constantly looking for businesses that share our diverse values like Moore Trosper. But just as important, the supplier has a stellar safety record that aligns with Consumers Energy’s strategic and operations plans.

“Safety, diversity and quality of work are at the core of what we do every single day at Consumers Energy.” said Clifford. “It’s more than a philosophy – it’s who we are. We always strive to find the businesses that not only deliver outcomes we expect and prioritize safety while doing it, but also companies that demonstrate similar values as they carry out work for us. Our supplier diversity and supplier quality work help us identify these ‘triple bottom line’ suppliers.”

He believes it’s critical that Consumers Energy continues giving minority businesses a chance. But added it needs to point out ways that minority businesses can improve, especially when it comes to delivering quality.

“That way both parties are benefitting,” Clifford said.  “Continuous improvement is the key to any business in any industry.”

Retaining companies to do work for is critical to their operation as well, since repeat business accounts for about 80 percent of their bottom line, Moore said.

“It’s never a day of work if you love what you do, and I love it,” he said. “And to be completely honest it’s not about the money, it’s about having somebody tell us that they really like the job we did. That’s more thrilling than anything.”